The future of .01

Hello anyone who might be reading. I just wanted to give a quick update on “.01”. At this point I’m not sure how it’s going to look going forward in terms of narrative etc. I’ve been playing around with some different ideas and I think I want it to be standalone disconnected stories for the most part, with the possibility of some subtle long term arcs. As it stands it’s basically a silent stylized movie thing, but I think I want it to become more character and story driven, and maybe include some text…not just some kids tripping in the woods. I want to focus on how technology effects our lives, mental health, growing up and environmental reflection. I’m also going to try and tie in some more supernatural elements into the stories, like what kind of strange things could these characters run into in the woods or their day dreams and so on? Perhaps they come across some ancient ruins that were built by some lovecraftian ancient ones or remains of an alien crash site, abandoned military projects, portals to other realms, extra-dimensional beings, body horror, Star Wars themed chapters (just kidding)… hell, the list goes on. Either way I’m having tons of fun just thinking about the possibilities. I may even change the name once the comic gains some traction. I’m thinking “Run Away” is a possibility although I’ve become somewhat attached to “.01”. Maybe 01 can be the main title and new stories in the future will be subtitled. I dunno. Thanks for reading my brainstorm and following the progress, it’s early days and y’all are getting in at the ground floor. I guess.



So Im going to start a comic. Its going to be pretty basic, mostly surreal and nonsensical. Really, an excuse to draw weird things, create strange scenes and maybe get the creative juices flowing (so really what I’ve been doing all along but in a comic strip format)

What fun. Im calling it “.01” for now. maybe one day I’ll create a physical version for sale if there is enough interest.

Well, here are the inaugural pages, read them and try to comprehend them as you will, they’re open for interpretation.

Read what I’ve drawn so far here! More updates will be surfacing on instagram (@r.ill.p)

At long last! Well... 2 weeks-ish of work. ALSO PRINTS!

I’ve finally finished the campsite scene and its ready to go to its new home. I'mma miss this little guy. I love doing work like this though, definitely going to make more forest scenes going forward. One thing I need to change about my process is working right to left instead of left to right. Certainly I’m just creating more headaches for myself by working this way. Just a weird habit to break I guess.

ALSO, I brought the finished piece to a place that does large format scans today and it was so much easier than setting up my dslr and lights. I think I’m going to go and get a bunch of other drawings scanned in the coming weeks. May as well start archiving work! Also it will be easier to edit into a printable format for later down the road if y’all are interested.

My next goal is to finish the “Suburbs Forest Trail“ Scene and maybe start blocking in a short comic. Also I need to organize my digital files. What a mess. (Click to enlarge or check it out in my traditional gallery)

I’m going to be making prints of this on demand so if you’re interested in a certain size let me know and I’ll do it up.


New Forest Scene in the Works!

I’ve set aside the larger scene I was working on to take on a “special” top secret-ish project. I'll be posting progress snippets on instagram, but here’s an exclusive progress shot… I’m looking to have this done by the end of the weekend and in a framing shop Monday. “Campsite

The materials I’m using for this project are a 0.7mm mechanical pencil, putty eraser and reclaimed cotton rag paper 22”x15”

I love doing work like this, there’s something so relaxing about the tedium of adding lines to the trees and building up the details and depth of the forest floor. 70% of my working time with this type of project is just me staring into the forest getting lost in the scene and at a certain point the scene just achieves a certain amount of sentience and fills itself in.

Keep following here and on instagram (@r.iil.p) for the full reveal!